Show me the stars.
Hello. I'm Virginia.

It is a very natural human trait to destroy that which frightens us.

I’d much rather be touching Dylan O’Brien than making out with Jennifer Anniston.
- Will Poulter (via themazerunnerdaily)
Maybe it’s the nitrous, or maybe it’s the weed, but, uh… I don’t care.


Abbi raving about Orange is the New Black; Laura raving about Orphan Black; Tatiana raving about Broad City.

We are demonstrating aggressive aggression.

Karen Gillan at the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy

The Originals cast, Comic Con Portraits

The Originals | Portrait Session at Comic Con (2014) [x]


phoebejtonkin:I have a moustache! I met spider man! So much going on in San Diego #comiccon